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Do Not Go Gentle. Go to Paris:
Travels of an Uncertain Woman of a Certain Age

Rattled by fears that she is losing her keys, her looks, her job, and her sweetheart, Gail, 62, rashly announces that she will go to Paris, a dream postponed for 40 years. So begins the journey through France of an optimistic, infinitely curious, 62-year-old woman, who seeks to ransom her self-confidence and learn how to age. Deftly weaving scenic description with sketches of feisty Frenchwomen and flashbacks of older women she has admired, Gail draws wisdom from people and places that have gracefully endured the passing years. By the time she reaches the Mediterranean village that once existed only on her calendar, she feels revitalized. Her refreshed self-concept takes a hit, however, when her beloved proves fickle and a train strike maroons her on the edge of the sea. By the end of her journey, Gail recognizes the joie de vivre beneath the wrinkles of bygone beauty in French women. Now she awakens to her own joy of living and finds that it has no expiration date.

Gail Schilling Do not go gentle go to pa

 “A profound take on remaking one’s mind set, from a generous, wise, meticulously observant woman with spectacular talent.” – Julia Frey, Professor Emerita, University of Colorado Boulder; author, The Private World of Édouard Vuillard

“This is one of the most textured travel accounts I have read.” – Diana Bishop, former NBC TV Correspondent, Television Canada
“Beautifully written…full of wisdom.” – Abbyann, USA


“I finished the book a while ago and am still thinking of her words, laughing at life.” – Lorrie, USA

“She makes me feel inspired to travel on my own again.” – Connie, Canada

“A gem that will warm your heart.” – Cathy, USA

“It wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear that women finish this book … and begin searching for an adventure.” – Sharon, USA

Do Not Go Gentle was one of those books I didn’t want to end because of the story and how honestly she wrote it.” – Ava, France

Praise for Do Not Go Gentle. Go to Paris:
Travels of an Uncertain Woman of a Certain Age
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