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Gail Thorell Schilling

Memoir - Spiritual Writing - Travel Writing

Available in paperback, audio and eBook

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Meet Gail

A New Hampshire native who began journaling at age 12, I learned newswriting at the University of New Hampshire with Don Murray and teaching pedagogy at Regis University in Denver. I came of age in Metro Boston and began writing in Wyoming more than 30 years ago. Awards from the Wyoming Press Association have recognized my craft. The Jentel Artists’ Community awarded me a month-long residency to work on my memoir, Do Not Go Gentle. Go to Paris: Travels of an Uncertain Woman of a Certain Age, published in 2019. I’ve contributed to Daily Guideposts for 20+ years.

I taught writing at Central Wyoming College and NHTI – Concord’s Community College for many years. Additionally, I’ve taught on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.
Now back in Concord, NH, I teach memoir to lifelong learners of a certain âge and guide seasonal tours  at the Canterbury Shaker Village. My children, grandchildren, plants, kitty, and beloved community bless my life.

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Only YOU can tell your story...

Growth fascinates me.


I marvel at plants, especially roses, that effortlessly adapt and bloom. At seekers who mature into their faith. At children who learn their ABCs and create tall tales. At emerging writers who find their voices.


So, grow with me as we share stories. I’ll tell mine in posts drawn from colorful life experiences, sometimes from travels, sometimes from spiritual experiences. Maybe an excerpt from my next book…

  • We’ll look back to retell cherished narratives. Write a memoir? Who, me?

  • We’ll look ahead to travel and challenges that keep us vibrant. Learn Chinese in my 70s?

  • We’ll look this minute to ponder fleeting wonders of today. A rainbow in the dishpan?

  • We’ll savor our experiences and write down the ones that matter. Now!

Expect writing tips in each post. Perhaps these will inspire you to preserve stories you’ve carried for a lifetime but never recorded. I’d love to work with you! Perhaps you’ll take a class with me and meet other writers, form a memoir group.

It’s your turn now. Let’s write! 

Upcoming Events

        Refresh yourself and your memoir writing on this guided writing retreat led by  author Gail Schilling, at the lovely                      Adelynrood Retreat Center in Byfield, MA, north of Boston. Reflect on prompts and share your insights. Walk the beach            at nearby Plum Island or the labyrinth on the grounds. Enjoy calm surroundings in a rocker or tucked into one of                     several cozy libraries. Quiet abounds. Then socialize over savory meals. Most of all enjoy the camaraderie of other                   writers and write the story only you can tell.  Register below.

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Write Your Memoir:
Cherish Your Story

A Guided Retreat

3-Day Writing Retreat

Dates: August 13-15, 2024

Location: Adelynrood Retreat Ctr.

Byfield, Massachusetts

Maximum: 10 participants

Cost: $425 (2 nights, 6 meals)

gail thorell schilling book signing

Book Group
Author Visit
Guest Speaker

Invite Gail to your next meeting.


She is available as guest speaker/facilitator on these topics:

  • Self-Publishing: Preparation. Pitfalls. Payoff.

  • Savvy Solo Travel

  • Kindness of Strangers

  • Have the Last Word: Write Your Own Obituary

  • Why Write Your Memoir?


gail thorell schilling energize your mem


  • Personalized coaching

  • In person or online

  • Contact me to discuss

your project.

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